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Ceekay offers a one-stop solution for all your auto-logistic needs! Our team can handle car exports, car imports, transit insurance, car loadings and any customs procedure related to all your car shipping requirements.

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Car shipping in container


Car shipping in container

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How Are Cars Shipped Overseas?


FCL Container (Private)

This service allows you to have a private container to fill at your own time, allowing for faster transit, versus needing to wait for others like in a shared container. The container may be filled with autos and other cargo so long as you create a packing list. This option is also the most expensive as all costs will pertain to you.

Roro ship

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo)

The cheapest way to ship a vehicle overseas, but least secure. In the RORO shipping process, the car is physically driven onto the ship and physically driven off the ship. With this method, make sure you do not place additional items in your vehicles as other parties have access to your vehicle. Also, make sure your car can run and drive or you will incur additional costs for the handling of vehicles that cannot be driven.

Shared container

Shared Container

This might take more time due to waiting for the container to be filled, it allows you to share the costs of international vehicle transport. The trucker does a condition report when the vehicle is picked up, and CFR does one when the car is received to be shipped. The loading process is also photographed and recorded, the container is then shut and sealed and not opened until delivered, except for a customs inspection. The car does not have to run and drive, you can also store additional items inside the vehicle so long as you create a packing list.










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The cost will be based on a couple of things; pickup and delivery locations, distance, open or enclosed, type of vehicle and vehicle’s condition. To get the exact cost of your vehicle transport, we recommend speaking to our transport specialists with the specifics about your transport.

For car shipping from Dubai or UAE, an export certificate would’ve to be obtained by the owner of the vehicle from the roads and transport authority of the origin country along with a valid government identification most likely a passport copy. We could certainly assist you in obtaining the export documents by having one of the reps present at the traffic department closest to you.

For easy understand of our clients, FMC usually offers an all-inclusive rate for car shipping from Dubai or UAE which includes loading/lashing, container transport, freight with surcharges and export customs which comprises of door to port shipping rate. Moreover, optional charges such as local pickup within UAE, insurance and destination handling and clearance.

Yes – We can transport non-running vehicles. Although your vehicle is inoperable, it must still roll, steer and break properly. Make sure you communicate to our transport specialist that your car is non-operational.

Either you or someone you have authorised can be present during pick up / delivery. We maintain a receiving report to record the physical condition of the car that will be presented upon request

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