Where to buy cars in the UAE

RTA (Road Transport Authority).

RTA is an administrative body responsible for controlling vehicle ownership and export tests and documentation. This website will give more information on how to buy a car from Dubai and how to export from Dubai.

Vehicle Auctions

 A reliable place to buy accident, reprocessed, and insurance cars. . We can arrange for the inspection, documentation, pick and shipping from Dubai.

Emirates Auction


Vehicle Selling Websites

You can visit any of the below links to see almost all the cars for sale in UAE. These websites give you direct access to the owners whom you can negotiate prices with or through ALPHA services. Once you choose your car, we can assist with the entire process of inspection, export documentation, and shipping from Dubai




How to register for a car in Dubai?

A vehicle cannot operate in Dubai without a current UAE registration. Visit the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) to register your vehicle. The process of registering your vehicle is simple and can complete within a day.

When you buy a new car, the dealership will handle registration formalities for you behind the scenes. Secondhand vehicle buyers need to show their insurance agreement, passport or local identification card, and if applicable, inspection certificate. Each year, cars must re-register. Failing to do so may result in legal complications.

On the Dubai police website, you can also renew your license and registration. The latter will cost you 340 AED (USD 92.00).

How to register for a car in Dubai?

Check the car’s age. Older models will be more difficult to insure. 

Do your homework if it is an imported car and check if the vehicle has not been in any accidents you are unaware of.

Pay for a pre-purchase inspection so that an expert can tell you what is wrong with the car, especially if buying from a private seller.

Check the fine print on the warranty, not everything is covered.

Negotiate a fair price while remaining courteous and respectful.

Opt for the right insurance with a comprehensive plan.

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